Zachary Zadell

Software Developer, Photographer, Runner

Tent and Stars at Jefferson Park

My good buddy Craig and I made an impromptu trip out to Jefferson Park. He lives down in Eugene and I live in Portland so we decided to meet in midway.

A sixish mile hike opens up to a lake filled meadow below the Oregon’s 2nd largest mountain - Jefferson.

We woke up at 1:30am to a perfectly clear sky with the milky-way arching over our heads.

Upper Bridal Veil Falls

The glory of these falls is definitely the journey.

They are found in the Columbia River Gorge but there is no clear path to it. You have to trek down a game path - through mud and ferns and over logs before making your way down a cliff to get here.

Once you get there it feels like you have your own private water fall because you know no one is going to randomly stumble upon it without working for it.

I Made a Wedding Site

I spend every day at work making web apps so when it came down to making a site for my upcoming wedding I wanted something simple. I decided to forego using any frameworks or even using a database and instead make a single page - static site. Check it out at

The goal of the design was convey all the information that our guests would need - date, place, directions etc. Additionally though I wanted to make sure that once guests traveled here they would have a great list of things to do that didn’t involve the wedding and which would hopefully give them an appreciation for the city that we love and call home.

I also wanted something that would look good on either a PC, tablet or phone.

Some highlights:

  • The site itself is just html/css/js using bootstrap for its basic grid system and mobile friendly responsiveness with some custom styling.

  • It uses some additional js that wasn’t included in stock bootstrap like fitvid.js for video resizing and sticky.js for the navigation but over all I was able to accomplish what I wanted much faster than without it.

  • The RSVP form is just a simple wufoo form that emails us when someone registers.

Tokyo Tower Observatory

The view from Tokyo Tower observatory.

Tripods were not allowed up here so I got these shots by creatively propping up my camera against the glass of the windows. I used my coat to block out reflections.

I really appreciated the blade-runner like view and reflections of the traffic in the building windows.

Exploring Asakusa

Our hostel was within a mile of a beautiful and popular temple called Sensoji.

The path leading up to the temple was lined with shops selling traditional treats and merchandise. During our first night we caught the very first glimpse of blooming Sakura.